How to type Hindi in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

How to type Hindi in Adobe Photoshop CC?

Today in this blog post, I will show you how to type Hindi in Adobe Photoshop CC step-by-step with images. If you want to learn through a video tutorial then Click Here. And there are two things to do to complete this process. In the first step, you have to install the Google input tool Hindi on your Computer. The last and second step is,  Change settings in adobe photoshop cc. so let’s start:

Hindi type in adobe photoshop cc



How to download and install the Google input tool Hindi:-

First, you must install Google Input Tools Hindi on your computer. As you can see in the video tutorials on YouTube. To download Google Input Tools Hindi, go to the web browser and open the website, then type Google Input Tools in the search box of the website. When the search is complete, you will see the first link of Google Input Tools as you can see in the video given below after the content.

Open the page of Google Input Tools by clicking on that link then scroll down the page. So you will see the download button below, just click on that button and the Google Input Tools setup file will start downloading.



When the Google Input Tools Hindi setup file is downloaded in zip format. Now you have to open the zip file, there may be a password on the zip file and the zip file password is 12345. As soon as the zip file is extracted, you will see a folder named “Google Input Tools Hindi”. In that folder, you will find the Offline setup file of Google Input Tools, just install it on your laptop and there is no need for the internet to install this software because this app is completely offline, When you install this google input tool Hindi, then it may be that at the end of the installation process the system reboot option comes, then you have to restart your computer only then google input tool Hindi will be able to run. as you can see in the screenshot given below 



After restarting your computer, go to the right bottom corner of your computer screen, where you click on the English language symbol “ENG”, then the option of Hindi will appear in the list of typing languages as you can see in the screenshot given below.




Step-2 :

Change Setting in adobe photoshop cc-

Now Google input tool Hindi has been installed on your computer, so now you have to change a setting in Adobe photoshop cc. So I am using Adobe photoshop cc 2018, so I will change this setting in Adobe photoshop cc 2018. 

Now you have to open your Adobe photoshop cc, and after that go to the edit menu, after going to the edit menu you will see the option of “preferences” at the bottom. As soon as you move your mouse pointer over the “preferences”, a list of sub-options will appear on the right side. In those options, you have to click on the type option. as you can see in the screenshot given below.


As soon as you click on the type option, a settings dialog box will open in front of you. As you can see below screenshot. Here you will see two options under “Choose Text Engine Option” on the right side. The first will be the “East Asian” option and the second will be the “Middle Eastern and South Asian” option, then you have to select the second option “Middle Eastern and South Asian”. After that click on “OK” and restart your Adobe Photoshop CC.



Now your Adobe Photoshop CC is ready to type Hindi. Whenever you want to type Hindi in your adobe Photoshop cc,  So you have to set the typing language in Hindi by going to the action center at the bottom right side of your computer screen.

And I hope you enjoy this blog post, if you want to see this blog post in video format, then you can watch it from the video given below.


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