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Win Dir Stat is a free drive manager:-

Win Dir Stat is a free disk cleaner tool that lets you manage your drives. WinDirStat analyzes your favorite disks and a complete list of documents will appear to let you know the exact amount of storage space for each file you use. This application is only available for operating systems on Microsoft Windows PC.

SequoiaView, TreeSize, and WizTree are alternatives to WinDirStat. These programs scan your driving PCs to provide a visual representation of files that use the most storage space with full graphs and rectangles representing files.

Is Win Dir Stat safe?:-

WinDirStat is safe for PC users and is a lightweight software of less than 1 MB. You can use WinDirStat to create extra space on your hard drive or on solid-state drives. Since the application is used to create space on your OS, the size of the small program is important. WinDirStat is open source and source code is open that you can convert within the GNU GPLv2 license.

Does WinDirStat work on Windows 10?:-

WinDirStat runs on Windows 10 operating systems. You can download and install WinDirStat on all the latest versions of Windows OS. Although WinDirStat does not work on Linux or macOS, you can get KDirStat for Linux and QDirStat for Mac.

What is Win Dir Stat used for?:-

WinDirStat delivers a comprehensive list of disk usage files to your HD or SSD. You can scan one or more drives at a time. The ‘All Drives Local’ button allows you to easily scan the entire drive or scan individual folders.

The list of startup disks is located on the left. Disk statistics for all analyzes are in the appropriate panel. The lower part of the interface includes a treemap for directional statistics. Files are represented as a rectangle. The size of the rectangles depends on the amount of disk space each file uses.

How do I use WinDirStat in Windows 10?:-

The guide tree allows you to expand each section. The ‘add mark’ next to the objects will allow you to open trees while the ‘minus sign’ will reduce subtrees. All the contents of your disk will be listed in descending order. The list of extensions is divided by color and size.

You can click on the items in this list to see the category in the statistical viewer. The full index tree view allows you to fully expand the content of each folder. Usage statistics will be available for all records, even if file types use zero space. Larger repositories will be listed at the top.

WinDirStat lets you know what percentage of drive you use for each folder and file. The name, percentage bar, and size are listed in each guide tree list. Folders count the total number of items and files inside. WinDirStat lets you view items in your Windows Explorer menu. You can right-click on the record to press ‘Express Explorer’.

A file check window will appear allowing you to safely click on the contents of the folder. You can check files to make sure you do not delete important items. Files can be deleted directly from your Windows Explorer menu or the WinDirStat user interface. You can delete one or more items at a time.

If you delete files outside of WinDirStat UI, then you can tap the refresh button on the icon bar to re-sync. You can see the percentage of the scanning process in the top left corner. Files you deleted in the Windows Explorer window should be deleted from WinDirStat after reloading.

Practical application to clean PCs:-

WinDirStat is a popular application that allows you to easily download files to your PC. Freeware provides useful views for interacting with files and folders. You can click on the sections between the list and maps to see the locations of each item in real-time. The location of the map will be highlighted when you select a guide from any list.

What’s new in Win Dir Stat?:-

The official developers of the disk manager are Bernhard Seifert and Oliver Schneider. WinDirStat is not updated accordingly. The open-source environment allows you to make changes to the platform when you want. You can check out the latest software releases on the official website.

Technical data:-

File Name Win Dir Stat free for Windows
OS Requirements Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
Language English
Official Websites
Developer(s) Windirstat
Post update on 08/08/2022
License Free
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