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Download and install your favorite NirSoft free tools at once:-

Sometimes having a simple tool for a specific task is better than working with a large app. The Nirsoft free boys are particularly good at making simple tools like these and have been able to produce an impressive collection of standalone, highly efficient, and straightforward tools that can help you solve many different tasks. The only problem is that by now, you have to manually select the ones you want to download right from the developer’s website.

Fortunately, you can now use NirSoft Installer, a special tool that displays a list of all available Nirsoft apps and lets you choose which ones you want to download and install. This program includes many custom filters – such as the ability to install not only Windows 95/98 applications – but also allows you to create custom options.

Once you have selected a few applications, NirSoft free Installer will take care of the task. The only remarkable thing about this operating system is the lack of data about NirSoft tools: whether you already know them, or you should check out the developer site for more information on what each tool does.

 An automatic installer for your favorite NirSoft tools:-

Added BlueScreenView BlueScreenView details – Display ‘blue screen of death’ (XP +) BluetoothCL Added – Monitor Bluetooth surrounding function (XP +) Add LiveContactsView – View MSN LiveAdial Dialupass contacts – Reveal Dial-up Passwords (2000+) (Thanks MrBrian!) Updated Dialupass2 – Reveal Dial-up Passwords (98-NT) Modified DumpEDID input from GUI to CLIRIInstallation types: 1: Top 102: Windows 7 / Vista / 2008/2003 / XP or new3: Windows 2000 / NT4: Windows NT5: Windows ME / 98/956: Windows 95Added MACAddressView – Lookup MAC Address company information (98+) Added OutlookStatView – Display Outlook mailbox statistics (2000+ ) Added DownTester – Test Download SpeedAdded WhatInStartup – Enable / Disable Startup Applications (2000+) Added Clipboardic – Save Attachment to .clp Files (2000+) Added CurrPorts – Country IP File (IpToCountry.csv) Added -IPInfoOffline – File IP country (IpToCountry.csv) SmartSniff Added – IP to Country file (IpToCountry.csv) USBDeview Added – VendorID / ProductID USB File (usb.ids)

Technical data:-

File Name Nirsoft free for Windows
OS Requirements Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
Language English
Official Websites
Developer(s) Nirsoft
Post update on 08/08/2022
License Freeware
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Nirsoft free download


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