QiPress free download for windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7.

About QiPress for windows: –

QiPress for windows is a freeware app that displays key presses on a computer screen. With the ability to control what you display, a must-have tool for live app product demos and screen recording. Out of the box, QiPress is set to work with options that most users may want. For those looking for more, QiPress is highly customizable with over 200 setup options, all accessible with the most accurate layout.
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Keystroke Display Features: –

Choose which keys to display, and what to ignore:

  • Adjusters (Win, Ctrl, Alt, Shift), distinguish between left and right-hand editors
  • Common Keys, (A, B, C,! @, #, …)
  • Mouse clicks (including left, right, Middle-click, double click, and triple-click; X1 and X2 buttons; Wheel-Wheel Up, Down, Left, and Right
  • Number keys and number operators – they can distinguish between standard keys and NumPad
  • Cursor Control – Up, down, left, and right arrow
  • Job Keys (F1, F2, F3, …)
  • Special keys like entering, Space, Tab, BackSpace, Del, Esc, Ins, Pause, PrintScr
  • Modify Keys (NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock)Custom customization to show click buttons only when used in combination with modifiers

Built-in support for the following keyboard input:

  • English (UK and US)
  • Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
  • French, French (Swiss), German, German (Swiss)
  • Gujarati, Hindi
  • Japanese, Korean
  • Spanish, Portuguese
  • Turkish, Ukraine, Vietnamese
  • Non-customizable user translation in any language (absolutely not limited to built-in support), with ~ 116 keys (Modifiers, Toggles, Function Keys, Special Keys, almost everything!)

Advanced Custom Display of QiPress:

  • Custom key history (history depth, color, delete automatically)
  • Different display bars of Modifiers with the real key pressed, and clear communication
  • Custom background (color, image), text (font, size, color)
  • Custom style (fade in / out, show duration, blur, width)
  • Drag and drop any precision-pixel placement on any monitor
  • The move function removes the display from the path (only if you want, by using the settings option) in the mouse path, to get an unrestricted view of that monitor area if you want it.

Mouse Features – Text & Image Display: –

Not only is the mouse click displayed on the keystroke display panel, but there are also two ways to display the mouse by drawing and its click on screen:

  • Visual Mouse – The mouse icon is a modern way of displaying a mouse following a cursor on the screen, and displays all mouse actions on the screen – Left, Right, Middle, X1 and X2, Up,   Down, Left, Left, Right. . Not only the size and shading are customized, but also the colors of each button!
  • Visual Mouse – Rings are the standard method, in which the Rings are displayed on each click button. Size, brightness, and color can be customized.

Marketing Features of Qi Press: –

  • In the main key display panel, you can add text (and special format) for permanent display and live buttons. You can add more, rotating text to the timer.
  • LogoBug – like TV channels, LogoBug adds an image (supports transparency in PNG images), perhaps your company logo, on any part of the screen. Visible even when streaming live – that’s Pro!

Designer Features: –

  • Curly hair – very useful for arranging objects with pixels horizontal or vertical.
  • Mouse links – display the exact location of the mouse cursor (X, Y links), and pixel color (Hex, RGB, HSL, HSV, or CMYK format).
  • Make any window on your screen “stay high”, and never hide behind other windows, useful if you want to use a specific image for reference.

Presentation Features of QiPress: –

  • Scroll directly to the screen, 8 pens, each pen can customize color and thickness.
  • The Cursor Halo allows the mouse cursor to be clearly visible on the screen. The obvious feature darkens the entire screen except for the area around the mouse.
  • Hide buttons with a simple Hotkey when typing a password.
  • Enlarge the screen section (this section uses OS tools – why not restart the wheel).

Geeky Features: –

  • Allows pasting of Windows Cmd notifications using Ctrl + V.
  • Wrap the mouse movement at the edges of the screen (excessive left or right movement of the first or last monitor, scroll the mouse to the other side; same and up / down).
  • Disable CapsLock default functionality (and NumLock or ScrollLock if you wish).
  • Set a timer to shut down your computer (after your limited download time, perhaps?).
  • Custom computer shortcuts (Sleep, Hibernate, Powerdown, …).
  • Show Time Calculators and Clocks on Keyboard Screen.
  • Qiffeine to keep the computer from falling asleep.
  • Type the sound when you press the buttons.
  • Be careful how you use the keyboard.

Very bright on your computer: –

  • This is a portable application (<2MB), and installation is not required (it is useful for computers that users do not have administrator privileges).
  • A very clean and compact visual interface takes up little space on the screen but displays details of what you are doing with your keyboard or mouse. It goes out of your way (hidden or away, at your discretion) when you don’t need it.

System requirements for QiPress Lite

  • OS Requirements:- Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and  Windows 7
  • Minimum RAM (Memory): 1GB RAM Minimum
  • Compatibility Architecture: Any 64-bit or 32 bit
  • Free hard disk space:   5 MB minimum

Technical Data:

  • Software name: QiPress Lite
  • Setup File name:- QiPress Lite (Password-12345).zip
  • Version:- v 1.076
  • Language:- English
  • License:- Full Free Version
  • Post update on- 09/09/2022
  • File Size:-   780 KB
  • Author:- aalapshah
  • From Official Websites:- Click here


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QiPress free download

Full free version

Zip file password:-12345

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Changelog information:-

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