SD maid pro APK for android device free download.

SD Maid Pro APK is offline for android devices. that is a System Cleaning application it allows you to keep your android device clean and tidy. Which application that already been removed from your device, leave something behind like, logs, crash reports, and other unwanted files. And SD maid pro gives more tools to manage files and applications. It helps you to browse your device and delete these additional files and directories created.

Overview of SD Maid Pro APK: –

During use, your device will always generate junk, logs, or files out of use. If not cleaned, the device will lose function, and storage space will be reduced. SD Maid Pro is the practical solution you have been looking for. Although you can also do this with Avast Antivirus, CC, if you want these functions to perform faster, more effectively, you have no second choice.

Powerful Android cleaning tool: –

SD Maid Pro is the owner of a powerful analyzer. When you use this function, the system will perform statistics about the data used, large files and unwanted files, empty files. Soon after, you can delete them and free up memory with just one click.

In some applications, this process is very dangerous because the analysis and search is not really secure. If you accidentally delete an important file, which is used to run a specific application or process on a device, you will be in big trouble. But with SD Maid Pro, that doesn’t happen, because it scans every file type, searches for known locations, and can be deleted multiple times. Alternatively, experienced users can create a custom filter, add files to a separate list, or list to be cleared.

Website functionality: –

During device fraud, records and tables on the site can be created automatically. However, if they are not cleaned, they may be present and this greatly reduces the performance of the device, because the question takes more time to get started. Fortunately, the SD Maid Pro apk supports what CCleaner does one of the most popular system cleaners. It uses “VACUUM” SQL statements while creating blank pages for clean and secure, without losing your data.

SD Maid Pro APK File manager: –

In addition to the cleanup tool, you can manage your files right away in SD Maid Pro. You can control the number of folders, files, memory used, or free space on your device. From there, the application provides a summary, which is very detailed. Additionally, this file manager lets you search through multiple filters. so search by content, creation time, name, last modified time, etc.

Control phone operations: –

With the Application Driver feature, you can control what is happening on your device. Apps and functions have a lot of details, about the CPU and memory used. If you notice, you have turned them off but they are still working in the background, you can stop or force yourself to cancel right here. Therefore, your device has reduced full memory, crash and lag status.

Function in SD Maid Pro APK version: –

SD Maid Pro includes all the features of the free version, and adds features such as ad-blocking and two features for cleaning apps, system cleanup. You know, during use, you will install many other apps on your device. When caches and trash files become larger, app launches take longer and sometimes crash when you start multiple applications at once. They need to be cleaned regularly, the SD Maid Pro will do this with the Cron Job tool. You just need to set a schedule, the cleaner will work automatically to clean your device. Simple, but very useful?

Key features: –

  • Browse all your device and manage files using the full file explorer.
  • Remove unnecessary files from your system.
  • Manage installed user and system applications.
  • Find previously files belonging to uninstalled applications.
  • Search for files by name, content, or date.
  • Get an overview of your device’s storage details.
  • Perform a real-time cleanup and delete usable files, instead of what some might call a ‘cleanup cache.’
  • Find duplicate photos, music, or texts, without name or location.
  • Automatically launch tools on schedule or using widgets.
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