1DM+ apk for android device free download.

Overview of 1DM+ apk for android: –

1DM+ apk for android device free download. It is the fastest and most advanced download manager (with Torrent download support) available for android. Up to 500% faster than normal downloads. Nor does it use background services when no one can download and the Smart download option is turned off to extend battery life.

1DM+ Mod Apk is one of the most popular free Android applications that let you view and download videos and music from online websites using a web browser or a device with an internet connection. 1dm+ is a fork of the original application developed by Google and carries its primary functions. The newest version of 1DM Mod Apk includes support for scripts and new HTML5 features, contributing to faster and more stable performance.

This application can download subtitles for videos from video-sharing platforms. Due to its simplicity and widespread use, online video services like YouTube rely on this application to automatically distribute large numbers of subtitles across their network and enhance their video hosting service. We will discuss some 1DM+ Mod Apk that will make your life easier whenever you want to view certain content. The list is long and has numerous applications, but today we will only talk about one application: 1dm-mod apk (Android Smartphone Downloader.

Many of them are saying that they want movies, music, and photos from social media websites. They want these items to be on their phone and computer without downloading 1DM+ Mod Apk and 1DM mod apk Ultimate are two apps that help facilitate this task for you. These apps use your social media account to source available content and download it directly to your device.

The general feature of 1DM+ apk:-

  • No ads
  • Download Torrent files using a magnetic link, torrent URL, or torrent file on your device
  • Dark and simple themes
  • Direct download to SD card
  • Supports HTTP live streaming websites
  • Hide downloaded files for everyone
  • Smart option to download files when copying downloadable links to the clipboard
  • Option to save username to automatically log in while browsing and downloading password-protected sites
  • Pause and restart the feature with supported links
  • Pause all / Start all / Delete all options to save time
  • Try again with unlimited support for custom delays
  •  The download is not stopped when the app is closed
  • Wifi download support only
  • Wise error management so as not to open data
  • Download editor to edit your download
  • Import download links to the text file
  • Uninstall download links
  • Insert the download link on the clipboard
  • Open / Share downloaded files
  • Extended Notifications with download continuity (Included per person)
  • Supports vibration and notification sound to complete download
  • Supports all formats: archive music files, video documents, programs, etc.
  • Support multiple web browsers, including Default Android Browser, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Sort files by name, size, date, and duration

 Languages Supported:-

It supports the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Spanish,  French,  Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Magyar, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Serbian, Turkish, Arabic, Afrikaans

Advanced function:-

• Up to 30 downloads at a time
• Multi-component downloads – up to 32 components at a time per download
• Representative support (with or without confirmation)ges
• Speed ​​limit to download (Global and Individual)
• Update outdated links (Directly or using a built-in browser)
• Download password-protected files
• Calculate the MD5 checksum

Extras function of 1DM+ apk:-

  • Built-in web browser supported by multiple tabs, history, and bookmarks
  • Incognito browsing mode
  • Automatically download music video links to your favorite websites

Specification of Access Permissions:-

• network connection to download the files
• Storage (modify or delete the contents of your USB storage) for downloaded data
• Manage Vibration: create a Vibration effect to get the required notification
• A wake-up key to stopping the device from going into sleep mode while the download is in progress

Disclaimer for 1DM+ apk:-

Downloading and viewing any copyright-protected file is prohibited and restricted by the laws of the country in which you live. We are not responsible for any misuse of our files and application

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