Planner 5D free download for Windows/Mac || 2021

Planner 5D free download is an Interior Design Application for Personal Computers:-

Planner 5D free download is a great application for those who wish to create intricate interior design images. Since this program is completely free, it is an acceptable alternative to more expensive and sophisticated software like AutoCAD. It is easy to use and will not require any prior knowledge to enjoy its functionality.

Basic Functions and Features of Planner 5D free download:-

One interesting advantage of Planner 5D is that such designs do not have to be built ‘from scratch. The Planner 5D free download contains a comprehensive built-in catalog that offers a variety of options such as accessories and furniture. It is possible to view any designs from both sides and three. As the app can be used when offline, and it is a great option when you are not in the office or at home. The presentation of more detailed drawings adds to the reality provided by Planner 5D.

Additional Useful Applications:-

The user can choose from more than 150 pre-selected interior design themes. The size and texture of these items can also be adjusted to meet specific details. The top view will provide a complete view when adjusting the existing interior or exterior. An image of the finished product can be saved and shared with others.

Features and highlights: –

  • Fixed 2D and 3D design
  • The task of “Snapshot” is to create realistic images of your projects with realistic lighting, textures, and shadows
  • Create “snapshots” directly from your device, online or offline
  • Browse the 3000+ item catalog to customize and decorate your projects with it
  • Switch between Metric and Imperial rating systems
  • Save and share your projects
  • Offline power
  • No ads at all
  • Multilingualism

Technical data:-

File Name Planner 5D free download
OS Requirements Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
Language English
Official Websites
Author Planner 5D
Post update on 07/08/2022
License Free
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Planner 5D free download


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