EaseUS todo backup free download for windows PC || 2021

Overview of  EaseUS todo backup:-

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a reliable backup and restores software that enables users to back up the system and restore it to its original state in the event of a disaster and perform complete backup types. EaseUS todo backup is an award-winning solution for a good reason: with detailed tutorials, your data will be safe within minutes without the help of an IT professional. Best of all, it’s free to use. Allows you to create backups of your important data or your entire PC using its optimized interface!

Viral attacks especially rheumatism like the new Bad Rabbit outbreak after the widespread WannaCry cyber attack and the new Petya Rhlengware attack that hid a large number of files? Missing important files? Did the system crash and fail to restart? Has your device been stolen unexpectedly? Natural disasters strike suddenly? Data crises spread anywhere to compromise the security of important files. EaseUS Todo Backup, a free backup application for computers or laptops protects everything from harmful threats. It is good practice to back up your files daily and prevent data from destructive disasters.

EaseUS todo free backs up your data regularly to protect data from problems and retrieves video, audio, files, photos, music, and more directly from backups soon. Make sure everything goes smoothly without interruption. EaseUS todo software for PC makes it easy to protect every PC or laptop at low cost and time. Does the hard drive need to be upgraded or replaced? Having trouble transferring OS or data to another disk, such as moving from OS to SSD? The Clone feature in the app provides a free and reliable way to disk recovery, hard drive replacement, and data transfer! Protect all important files with advanced disk-imaging technology and perform quick disaster recovery in critical times.

Features and highlights of EaseUS todo backup: –

System Backup with Todo Backup Free: –

It’s easy to back up your entire system including any apps and fixes to a single compressed file.

File Backup: –

EaseUS todo backup file-level backup allows backup specific file folders or files including network-shared files.

Disk Imaging: –

EaseUS Todo Backup Free block-level disk imaging backs up your entire disk or volumes at a fast speed.

Disk / Partition Backup: –

Backup all HDD or SSD or partitions including all data stored in the event of a disk failure.

EaseUS todo can Browse image files: –

Browse all backups made with Windows Explorer and simply copy and paste files or folders.

Disk Clone / Hard Drive Clone: –

Clone HDD to SSD, MBR disk to GPT disk, or GPT disk to MBR disk from an old hard to a new or small-size disk to large-size disk.

System Clone Especially Windows 10 Clone: –

Successfully move the OS to the Windows 10 SSD without re-installing anything. It also speeds up Windows 10 to SSD for free and transfers the OS from one SSD to another.

Partition clone: –

Clone partitions or volumes for all data entered elsewhere. An effective way to transfer data and create double protection of important data.

Technical data of EaseUS todo backup:-

File Name EaseUS todo backup for Windows
OS Requirements Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
Language English
Official Websites https://www.easeus.com/
Author EaseUS
Post update on 03/08/2022
License free and pro
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EaseUS Todo Backup Home 2022 Build

(Free full version)

Zip file password:-12345

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