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Overview of Yate for macOS: –

Yate tag editor for macOS installer free download from sonvirtech.com. It is a tag editor designed for MacOS users who want complete control over their tagging information. Designed for people who want full control of their tagging. The software is specially designed for Mac users and is included with the marking library. MP3 (including mp2), m4a (AAC, ALAC), mp4 (AAC, ALAC, video), m4b, m4v, FLAC, AIFF (aifc, aif), dff, dsf, ape, wav, Ogg (Vorbis One Broadcast and Opus), Monkey Audio (monkey), and WavPack (VW) files will all be commented on.

Comes with various features that combine different text system actions. AcousticBrainz, AcousticID, Beatport, Discogs, iTunes, MusicBrainz, and the Movie site are all supported by the application (TMDb).

Key features Yate for macOS: –

  • Works with Apple iTunes, Music, and TV applications.
  • Supports audio in dff, aif, aifc, aiff, ape, dsf, flac, mp4, m4a, mp2, mp3, oga, opus, wav m4b, m4v, ogg, or wv files.
  • Displays Stem file metadata when available. Chapter information on m4b audiobooks can be edited.
  • Supports video in m4v and mp4.
  • Reads all ID3 tag formats. Writes ID3 v2.4 or v2.3
  • Voluntarily writes ID3 v1 tag.
  • Customize FLAC maps.
  • APE maps are customized.
  • LIST-INFO and XML support for WAV files.
  • Supports multiple values ​​for each type of field where appropriate.
  • Supports multiple fields of the same type where applicable.
  • Almost all non-ID3 binary fields are extended to non-ID3 file types.
  • Content Advice Support, Detection Fields, and AAC Type in MPEG-4 files.
  • Extract/import file metadata, including artwork.
  • Sync system preferences, (actions, templates, etc.), between two Macs.
  • One hundred fully integrated Custom Fields.
  • Pre-determined UI panel structure.
  • Ten editing panels. Open your UI. Map almost everything metadata in the custom panel.
  • Re-enter text fields that may be incorrectly identified as ISO-Latin-1 in older mp3 files.
  • Each Window Supporting Dark Mode

Technical data:-

  • File Name:- Yate 6.9.1 macOS
  • Version:-6.9.1 
  • OS Requirements:- MacOS 10.10
  • Language:- English
  • License:- Full Free version
  • Post update on- 20/03/2022
  • File Size:-  22.9 MB
  • Author:- 2manyrobots
  • Official Websites:- Click here
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Yate tag editor for macOS

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