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Twitter for Windows from your desktop:-

Twitter for Windows now offers its microblogging and social media services as a desktop app. Twitter for PC is ideal for active Twitter users who want to get the latest updates from their local and international locations, celebrities, friends, family, and more. You can also post updates or tweets yourself so your followers know what’s on your mind or why you’re busy. In addition to creating your own tweets, you can share other user tweets to your timeline. This is the official Twitter app for Windows 10 computers but is also compatible with Windows 8 operating system.

Features of Twitter for Windows:-

Twitter for Windows 10 offers the same functionality as the Twitter web app. The difference is that you can get notifications while the system is running in the background. This means that your timeline will automatically update when the Twitter users you follow send a new tweet. You will receive a notification when a user follows you and heart, rewrites, or replies to your post. This includes responses from users you do not follow, that is if you are a public account.

Having a public Twitter account empowers any user to see and interact with your tweets and send you a private chat. Independent Twitter users have full control over their accounts, especially those who can see their tweets. Just like receiving contacts or friends from other social networks, you will need to acknowledge who you are next. They will be able to reply and share your tweet, but it will only be seen by some of your followers. Tweets have a limit of 280 characters.

You can add emphasis to your post by adding a video, photo, or GIFs. These still images or short-form media can support your statement or you can use it as a response image. Twitter has its own GIF search that allows you to type a phrase, person, or feeling and show you related GIFs. Twitter is affiliated with Giphy and Riffsy so it is possible to get a GIF of any keyword. Videos, on the other hand, will be uploaded by you and must be 140 seconds or less.

Usability of Twitter for Windows:-

Twitter users can easily migrate to this desktop app as it has the same structure as the web app. You will find several icons on your left side that send you to various sections of the app. This allows you to navigate easily as it takes just one click to go to your homepage, find hashtags or trending tweets, see your comments or private messages, saved tweets, and more. On your homepage, you can type a tweet, see global trends, Twitter accounts that you suggest you follow, and tweets from the people you follow that are arranged chronologically.

The efficient way to receive updates:-

Twitter for PC  is ideal for users who need real-time updates from other users. This is especially helpful for people who want to keep up with the latest news. You can get notifications on your Windows computer when an important site sends a growing story. With Twitter for windows, you no longer have to worry about keeping the Twitter tab open in your web browser and you won’t have to go back to its web page to refresh your timeline.

Technical data:-

File Name Twitter for Windows setup
OS Requirements Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
Language English
Official Websites
Developer(s) Twitter Inc.
Post update on 08/08/2022
License Free
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