Revo uninstaller pro free download for windows 7, 8, 10, and 11

Overview of Revo uninstaller pro:-

Revo uninstaller pro is a software remover tool for Windows that was created by VS Revo Group, uninstall everything on your computer, even the most annoying files. It also provides support for removing any unwanted programs. Plus, it enhances your privacy by erasing all the remaining data from your web usage. Lastly, it traces each program and backs up your registry during the removal process.

An efficient way to remove:-

This app may not be the beauty of a program, but people use it for the power it needs to do. This will keep any program running continuously until it completely removes the content, saving you the hassle of your computer. This selection is a paid app in which we provide a demo. Prices are around $25 and $30 for a portable version that can be used around.

The full version of Revo Uninstaller has stood strong for many years since its arrival and is still recognized as one of the best uninstallers. With frequent updates and the efficiency of the program, it’s no surprise.

Installation and interface of Revo uninstaller pro:-

Downloading Revo uninstaller pro is quite easy. Continuing on, installation is also a very straightforward experience. They don’t ask you for any personal information, and the process opens up relatively quickly.

The interface is quite simple and old-fashioned which provides a throwback experience. Despite this, it still displays all that is needed while still being simplified. Its user-friendliness has nothing to degrade, but because the feel is dated, it’s not impressive. Unlike the Iobit, it doesn’t have a software updater.

How to uninstall free Revo Uninstaller:-

This is the most important aspect of software dominating its functions. Usually, people are not aware that the normal process of removal from the program leaves traces in the registry and files. Uninstaller Pro removes everything or almost everything you choose to ensure your privacy.

Revo compiles all programs in the “All Programs” tab. Here you can select as many programs as you want and schedule them to be removed. Of course, you cannot delete any in-built program from Windows which is a downer. However, all the processes are safe so there will be no harm to your computer.

One major function in the Pro version, unlike Revo uninstaller free, is that it can remove 32 and 64-bit programs. It’s the flagship functionality on Windows 10 that takes away many of the stray things left behind.

Other Key Features:-

Revo uninstaller free comes with Autorun Manager. To preserve your startup, you can remove any programs that are slowing down your start-up time. The great thing is that it is sure to show you exactly how these programs are affecting the PC.

History Cleaner is the key to keeping browsing safely on the computer. Here you can see if a cookie has made its way into the computer. Plus, it removes any traces made by PCs on the Internet including all major web browsers.

This process also involves going through the Start menu and the Trash can. This ensures that nothing is left in the folder as the uninstaller, and everything is shredded.

There are a few more cleaning tools like Evidence Delete that securely clear the disk permanently by removing any cookies or traces of what you’ve done. Also, unrecoverable deletion ensures that any information you have deleted can never be recovered under any circumstances to free up disk space.

Traced programs:-

Once you have Revo uninstaller free pro download and installed on your computer, it starts monitoring every new program that gets installed. Takes logs of what they do so that it understands their impact on the system. The app also records the installation experience.

By doing so, the uninstaller is already ready to remove any remaining traces of the program. When it comes time to clean the app or remove root files, Revo Pro can destroy it easily. However, your computer may already be used before this time.

To solve this problem, the developers introduced the Logs database. What it does is it takes previous program removals and lists them. By doing this, it ensures that most of the uninstallations are already understood, making your job faster and cleaner.

Alternative of free Revo uninstaller pro:-

The free Revo Uninstaller Edition is an option to get instead of paying for the whole thing. However, with the free version, there isn’t much that makes Pro so good. It cannot force deletion, nor can it perform extended searches for the remaining files. In addition, there are some minor features.

One of the strongest competitors of Revo uninstaller Pro is Ashampoo Uninstaller 8. It has a more sleek modern design. It also has a separate toolset like file recovery tools. Honestly, they’re pretty much the same because Ash does a little better in community reviews.

Iobit Uninstaller comes less as compared to Revo. Although it beats the Pro with a better interface, overall, it’s a weak removal program. It has some issues with deleting the required registries and leaving behind the files to be deleted. Beyond that, there’s a lot more to it than just uninstallation, but little attention has been paid to proper removal.

The portable version of the program offers a bit more for not that much. For five dollars more, the program can be used on any computer. Plus, it can be carried over USB, making it useful for a company or family.

Dedicated to the removal of excess:-

As we have seen, this program has strong software support. Despite its pristine design, it has aged well. The most recent update has made it usable for Windows 10. Support for this is strong, with 24/7 service and a large Q&A section. Moreover, it is completely safe and used by many customers with glowing reviews.

Overall, we can recommend Revo uninstaller free as your main uninstaller. You can rest assured that all information and cookies are gone for good and are not bothering your PC.

Technical data:-

File Name Revo uninstaller pro free for windows
OS Requirements Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
Language English
Official Websites
Author Revo Group
Post update on 03/08/2022
License Free full version
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Revo uninstaller pro

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