Notepad++ free download for windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7.

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Notepad++ Overview:-

Notepad ++ is a free and open-source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports multiple languages. Starting on a Windows PC, its use is governed by a GPL license. It supports tab layout, which allows you to work with multiple open files in one window. Notepad plus-plus with one click on the Download Button provided at the bottom of the page

The name of the project comes from the C extension operator C. Notepad plus-plus is still distributed as a free app. Initially, the project was hosted on Source, where Notepad ++ was downloaded more than 28 million times and twice won the Source Forge Community Choice award for Best Tool. The project is hosted by TuxFamily from 2010 to 2015; since 2015 Notepad ++ has been hosted on Git Hub. Notepad ++ uses the Scintilla editor component.

Key features of Notepad ++:-

  • Enter Black Mode.
  • ARM64 formulation is available.
  • One button to create it all – create Notepad ++ with Scintilla static lib and Boost RegExpr headers.
  • Insert new UU Fluent icons into the toolbar.
  • Install the new feature “Free Disruption Mode”
  • Install the new API NPPM_ADDTOOLBARICON_FORDARKMODE in black mode.
  • Enter 1-click action (SHIFT-click) on the close button to close all tabs on the appropriate panel
  • Enter the ability to change the color of the previous text (optional).
  • Allow the suspension to stop after replacement (if desired).
  • Enter the ability to reverse line order.
  • Only apply a style to current text conditions.
  • Upgrade a folder as a workspace while adding/deleting files in bulk.
  • Add Ada, Fortran, Fortran77, and Haskell to the to-do list.
  • Improve the functionality of the “Open All” command in search results.
  • Enter the “Copy words” command in the Search Results Content menu.
  • Capture the regex search variant and display different messages.
  • Enter the Markell Preference case and name settings.
  • Enter the “Add Add” checkbox in Save As Conversation.
  • Add attachment capability to the editing area.
  • Make the name of the new tab translated.
  • Improve character case management in RegEx.
  • Enter the command line parameter to add the cable set to the app title bar.
  • Add the ability to avoid getting too many search results.
  • Remove Microsoft Bing from Notepad ++ search commands online, due to its poor reliability.

Bug-fixes in the Old version of Notepad++:

  • Fix an add-on extension in the save dialog.
  • Adjust duplicate entries in the auto-complete window.
  • Adjust the Python task list without showing functions in some cases.
  • Adjust reverse: Manage the “Default Directory” setting properly in Open / Save File Dialog.
  • Fix special character in case of UTF16 file crash.
  • Edit Copy command in Search Search is available as there is no selection.
  • The edits extracted from the UDL file were not applied to the UDL in the new case.
  • Fix the issue of auto-ignition cases.
  • Adjust the “Match Whole Word” option enabled in the RegEx search.
  • Adjust the type by selecting a column key that appears behind the tabs.
  • Adjust the “Workplace Upload” menu command without the problem.
  • Fix the view file in Edge Browser error if the word contains spaces.
  • Adjust UTF-16 encoding for code points above U + FFFF.
  • Adjust the “Save as” command and remove the default path from the latest file history problem.
  • Fix the task list button tools and compile the problem. 

Technical Data:-

  • File Name:- Notepad++ v8.3.3 for windows pc
  • Version:- v8.3.3
  • OS Requirements:- Windows 7, and later
  • Language:- English 
  • License:- Free and Open source
  • Post update on: 26/07/2022 
  • File Size:- 3.8 MB
  • Author:- Notepad++
  • Official Websites:Click here
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Notepad++ v8.3.3

Free and Open source

Changelog information:- does not have any change log information yet for the Notepad++. Sometimes software owner/author takes a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

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